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Dry, cold air affects your home, too!

Published January 9th, 2017 by Unknown

So you're feeling dried out and chapped. That's the cold, dry air brought with the sub freezing temperatures.

You're furniture feels the effects also. It's important to keep your temperature between the 60's and 70" and humidity in the midrange.

When the temp is lower the air is dryer (yes, even with snow). That dries out your wood floors and causes separating and splitting. Repeated cycles of expanding and contracting is damaging to furnishings and flooring. It can cause glues to crack and joints to become loose.

The opposite happens in high temperature and humidity. The wood swells and can buckle.

When you go on vacation in the winter make sure you keep your temperature no lower than 60 degrees. In the summer,

any higher than 78 and you're not keeping out the damaging humidity.

Maintain a healthy temperature and humidity and your furniture and floors will look beautiful for years to come.

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