June Shea


June’s motto is “Do what you love, do it with a purple passion, soak up knowledge like a sponge, leave things better than you found them and never settle for mediocre when you can have extraordinary!” June is a creative problem solver. She looks at the way things could be, she pursues the possible. Cookie-cutter is not in her DNA. June's expertise lies in her ability to see those possibilities and translate them into actionable steps that lead to an exceptional result. Great design comes from pushing limits, taking risk and having the guts to pursue original concepts..

Jill Maita

Office Manager

Jill is the machine that makes Shea Studio Interiors run. When not helping clients by placing and checking on orders, scheduling deliveries and running the office, you'll find Jill running a marathon or just shuttling her four kids to their next activity. Jill brings her organizational savvy, efficiency and calming energy to this busy office. In her free time you may find her taking professional family photographs.

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