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Finding the Perfect sofa!

Published April 27th, 2017 by Unknown

Finding comfortable furniture is important to my clients. Many want to sit on a piece of furniture before purchasing. With the demise of furniture stores this can be difficult, but that is where a few tips can help. Comfort is a function of your human dimensions and the sofas physical dimensions. Find that comfy couch-in a friends, at a store, in a hotel and take a couple of key dimensions pictured below. If you match those dimensions to within a half inch and specify the firmness/softness of the seat and back cushion, you will achieve success. Why would you want to do this? The only place you can find a huge amount of sofas to test drive is at a budget furniture store (not highest quality) or the design center (very pricey). Get these dimensions right and you can find a quality sofa at any price point.

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